Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning


Cleaning is the one job no one enjoys doing. In a world where this is more than true, you will be thrilled to hear that it is something that SL-Cleaning agency does with passion. Among the vast array of cleaning services we offer for our client, residential cleaning comes on top. When it comes to cleaning a residence, there is never a limit. You can never retire from residential cleaning because you can never cease to live. The living space is what matters the most to lead a healthy, happy and relaxed lifestyle – for no one wants to come to a mess after work every day. At our cleaning agency, we practice cleaning up messes as our full-time occupation. We guarantee your satisfaction and promise to send talented cleaners to take up your cleaning project as our own.

What Do We Do At SL-Cleaning?

Being a reliable cleaning agency, SL-Cleaning has the best methods of cleaning up a residence. Residential cleaning is one of the areas overlooked by most cleaning service providers because no one cares enough about residences when there are larger commercial-level cleaning projects. But if you join us once, you will get to see how every little detail matters.

We cover every inch of your residence, starting from the most-visited living room to the forgotten corners of the attic in a very comprehensive manner. Our cleaners reach out to the most abandoned sections of your house and get cleaned until the last morsel of dirt vanishes. Practically speaking, that covers living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, storerooms, study rooms, carpets and floorboards. Electrical appliances, doors, doorknobs, sinks, windows and sills, cushions, laundry, walls and mirrors are only some of the cleaning projects we undertake.


Why is Residential Cleaning Important?

Some might not see the value of cleaning your residence with the help of a professional cleaning agency. This is ironic because mere sweep cleaning and polishing would not eradicate the untidy house; there is much more to it than that. Residential cleaning is now made easier with SL-Cleaning Services. When you really think about it, hiring us instead of attempting to clean on your own is way more cost-effective and successful.

Why SL-Cleaning?

Wondering why you should pick us out of hundreds of cleaning companies? The answers are quite simple.

  • Best value for the money

SL-Cleaning Services can be hired for a very reasonable amount of cash. You would find it hard to believe that cleaners of such adequate competency are available for such affordable rates.

  • Tailor-made cleaning services 

The specialty of our cleaning agency is that we offer you the freedom to choose. You can customize the cleaning services all you want, for every residence is unique and has different cleaning requirements. 

SL-Cleaning Privacy Protection

Your residence is your personal space, and no matter how hard the cleaning project you assign to us is, we cannot get out your privacy and confidentiality at stake. We are a cleaning agency that respects your right to privacy as the owner of the facility.

Our premium, industry-leading and affordable residential services guarantee you the best services and the highest technology for cleaning solutions.