Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

commercial cleaning

Be it Vancouver, be it anywhere else, you do not want your commercial building to be dirty. A commercial facility is somewhere hundreds, maybe thousands of people move in and out of daily. Dusty feet, crowded washrooms, and filling up dustbins end up in making your commercial facility an unpleasant place to step into within a matter of hours. This is why you must pay extra care to keep your commercial property clean at all times. As a cleaning agency with a lot of experience in cleaning up and making places livable, SL-Cleaning is ready to take over the responsibility of tidying up your commercial facility. Have you got several hundred floors to be cleaned in one night? Either way, the SL-Cleaning agency is your best go.

Service Overview

Speaking overall, we at SL-Cleaning are professionally qualified to provide environmentally friendly, human-friendly cleaning services. To be more specific, you can hire our cleaners for your office, government facility, daycare, school or college, retail shop, restaurant or hotel, club, religious institution, auto dealership, strata building, medical office or simply an event you are hosting. All these and more are available with full assurance of safety and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

The areas of service covered by SL- Cleaning company, are diverse. We do everything from cleaning the floor and appliances to doing dishes, laundry and organizing the commercial space the way you want. In detail, we can take up reception cleaning, office and conference room cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen and cafeteria cleaning, carpet cleaning, and any other kind of cleaning job that comes to mind. Be prepared to only receive commercial cleaning at its best.

Offering customizable cleaning services, we take commercial cleaning to a very personalized level. You can request to get your commercial cleaning needs done according to your wish..

Why Choose SL- Cleaners?

Our cleaners are friendly, well-trained, and diligent. While handling your place, they communicate with you when needed, ask what you want to be done, and go that extra mile and “clean” to the core of the word.

commercial cleaning

Best Option for Commercial Cleaning

We know that a clean, tidy office environment helps companies to be more productive and indicates to everyone than your company is proud and professional in everything it does. Our team of experts have been trained to dust and wipe all desks, chairs and tables, to vacuum and disinfect carpets and hard floors, clean doors and windows and empty waste receptacles and collect garbage. In addition to that we also clean kitchen/breakrooms and washrooms, including stairs, elevators and escalators. Our prices are economical and suit even the lowest of budgets.

The Best Commercial Cleaning

If you still need verification of our excellence as a cleaning agency, listed here are some of the eco-friendly methods we use for all our projects. Biodegradable acrylic floor finish, corrosion inhibitor, emulsification and vegan disinfectants are the specials in our cleaners’ toolkit. We make sure that you receive the best commercial cleaning experience because we use specified cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions to treat different construction material of the building.

Flexible Commercial Cleaning

As a practical cleaning agency, we understand that not every commercial building is the same. This explains the variety of cleaning services we offer at our cleaning company. You can choose the cleaning service you need; therefore, you will not have to fixate yourself in whatever the cleaning service is thrown at you. Enjoy ultimate freedom in choosing your cleaning service options. Therefore, a commercial cleaning project is an extensive work that needs to be undertaken by an experienced cleaning agency. 

Contact our expert cleaners today and enjoy amazing price rates to get your commercial cleaning done with care.