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We offer innovative cleaning services that cover several cleaning requirements of people living in Vancouver. As one of the leaders in Vancouver cleaning, our goal is to deliver excellence for less money.

Our Vision

We strive to enhance our cleaning services' quality and reliability by connecting with you thoroughly and professionally, catering to the specific requests you may have about cleaning.

100% Satisfaction

SL-Cleaning takes pride in offering you peace of mind with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee for our professional cleaning service. We want our customers to feel completely satisfied with our work.

About Us

SL-Cleaning Service – The One Supplier of All Your Cleaning Needs

There is always considerable competition between cleaning companies in Canada, but very few focus on providing an outstanding service. When cleaning services were too commercialized, we emerged as a lifesaver to most of our customers. With a wide range of cleaning services that will help you sort out even the dirtiest of places, SL-Cleaning is a reputed cleaning company in Canada. We believe that any hideous building or residence can be improved into a pleasant space with just some thorough cleaning and a bit of commitment. SL-Cleaning Services will prove this to you, no matter how serious of a clean your property needs right now.

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For great cleaning service, technology alone cannot do much. SL-Cleaning is one of the few companies in Canada that combine new technology and its cleaning trends with years of experience. The equipment we use for cleaning purposes is less heavy, less noisy and causes no damage to the floors, walls, furniture or carpets of your property. Being technologically advanced and equipped with theoretical knowledge, SL-Cleaning will prove to be the best cleaning company you will ever hire.

Quality Service

Since our cleaning staff has years of experience, we guarantee you the best quality service.

Affordable Prices

Spending a lot on cleaning services is unnecessary, but investing a reasonable amount on a reliable cleaning company can take many responsibilities off of you. SL-Cleaning offers you a comprehensive service for lesser costs.

Professional Cleaners

SL-Cleaning consists of a staff well trained to be professional cleaning technicians. Our expert cleaners work fulltime in our company wear a uniform and have outgoing personalities—everything you need in a cleaning team, starting from expertise and reliability to friendly communicative skills.



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Efficient Cleaning Service - Providing Competitive Rates‎

Our clients value our reliability, flexibility and incredibly fast response times. Providing a transparent, honest and high standard service, we’ve got a track record you can trust.

We believe that a good on-going relationship with our clients is vital to providing excellent service and have therefore committed on-going resources at a senior level to ensure high standards are met throughout all our client-contracts.

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